Do you have a pool?

Become a Host and start earning in a simple, fast and safe way!


Many accommodations and an increasing number of privates own a swimming pool, but often they cannot exploit its full potential: now, thanks to Fingerpools, you can share it with people from all around the world, while having fun and profiting from it!
The heat waves lead us to flock together in the local swimming pools, sports centres and water parks, which are often crowded, noisy and stressful. Refreshing ourselves in a quiet private swimming pool situated in an enchanting and relaxing location, enjoying better services, is a dream that can come true.
With Fingerpools, you can now offer the "forbidden" dive!


You have hundreds of neighbours and each year a journey is taken by 1 billion tourists, who are expected to double by 2020.
They may all use your swimming pool.
Therefore, if you register as Host with Fingerpools, you will be able to earn money in an easy and safe way, also improving somebody else's life.

You can set the dates of access to your swimming pool, the time and duration of the event, the maximum number of Guests, the additional services to offer and the rules to be respected by the participants.

You can always decide whether to accept a reservation or not.

Through feedbacks and links to social networks, you can form an opinion of your potential Guests, so that you can be more serene!
Become a protagonist of the sharing economy, which - according to the major financial gurus - is establishing itself as the new global economic model.

With Fingerpools, you can now offer the “forbidden” dive!

Allow your Guests to enjoy exclusive and unique locations, such as the swimming pool of a Golf Club (without being a member), of a Hotel (without staying there for the night) or of an individual (without knowing him/her).

Moreover you assure:

  • The certainty to end up in a quiet, relaxing place.
  • Better hygiene and safety conditions.
  • The chance to see and enjoy rare and unique swimming pools.
  • The possibility to have a swim at night.
  • More safety and security about theft.
  • A wider range of nice locations.
  • A way to easily get in touch with new people.
  • Fun for everyone.
  • The possibility to plan events.
  • Unrivalled quality/price ratio.